Last week’s EuroTier was our first full scale experience with a digital trade show. The follow up will bring more, now – some fresh impressions from the show.

Jyrki Heinimo, Export Director

We live challenging times. As travel and F2F meetings are not possible, we wanted to take this opportunity to present our unique products and meet people even virtually.

As this kind of event format is new, many visitors were unfamiliar with how to use the platform. The platform seemed complicated in the beginning, then you of course get used to it. Many things were behind several clicks, it certainly can be improved in the future.

On the whole, EuroTier Digital was a positive experience. You would of course always wish for more new potential customer contacts. Learning new ways to communicate always brings new things and we learn as we go.

Dr. Hannele Kettunen, R&D Manager

In the changing world, it is important to keep up with the changes and learn all the new tricks. EuroTier Digital offered a pleasant learning experience into the era of virtual trade fairs. The platform was elaborate, with many functionalities that I did not probably even fully utilize during the four days of the fair. The presentations begun exactly on time, and both the live presentations and pre-recorded ones seemed to function without errors. In my opinion, the organizers succeeded well in their task and created a truly multinational event for the global feed industry.

Edvard Haimi, Area Sales Manager

From the visitors I had one-on-one meeting with I heard that EuroTier Digital is a nice opportunity for those who really want to reach certain people. During an offline show you need to wait for a person talking with 10 other people in line. Switching off running between the stands also saves time – so a digital fair is very efficient. But as an exhibitor you have to understand, how to promote yourself and attract visitors to your showroom.

Tatiana Konkova, Export Assistant

Digital events can really save time and money. No need to care for accommodation in Hannover area and then spend days running between the stands. I found this digital format flexible, since we can easily switch and do routine work hand in hand with the show “duties”. 

The decision to go for pre-recorded has saved ours and visitors time. So we didn’t need to present it in a real time, just handle Q&A part after the live-event and attract visitors to our showroom. All presentations were 20–30 minutes, which is quite convenient to keep the visitor´s mind concentrated on the presented topic.

Vadim Chupasov, Export Marketing Manager

Well, everybody is missing the vibe of big offline events but in these times we need to be flexible and innovative – so we joined EuroTier Digital.

I guess, the organizers did a great job developing a brand new platform. The tools available define the approach, so while learning the platform we had to adjust on the go. A digital fair is essentially different from an offline event – so an exhibitor has to elaborate own approach depending on the goals. Should we contact all the visitors of our digital stand? Why shall we arrange meetings with existing customers during EuroTier? How many team members do we need in the “show room”? etc.

There were discussions about hybrid-events in the future and I think, it’s a very promising idea. The amended EuroTier platform can be a useful extension also for offline events.