Feed Innovations

Hankkija Finnish Feed Innovations have their roots in the long tradition of developing innovative solutions in Finnish bioscience industry. Our highly innovative natural feed additives promote better animal gut health and performance.

Benefits in animal production

Smooth functioning of the gut and better profitability

Hankkija’s products have been proving their efficacy in feeding in different countries and conditions helping farmers achieve consistently smoother animal production with better results.

  • Poultry
  • Pig
  • Young ruminants
  • Ruminants
Whatever your production programs are, feed efficiency and avoidance of intestinal disturbances are the keystones of profitable poultry operations. Progres® and Progut® have shown outstandingly consistent performance benefits in various production conditions and wide range of diets.
Improve broiler and turkey performance

• Progres® has improved the growth and FCR of broilers and turkeys in numerous scientific trials and in commercial farms.

Prevent Salmonella and E. coli problems

• Progut® has reduced Salmonella and E. Coli related problems in poultry.

Activate immunity

• Progut® has modulated the immunity of broilers helping them to cope better with challenges.

Reduce dysbiosis/wet litter/dirty eggs problems in broilers, turkeys and layers

• Progres® has improved litter quality in broilers and turkeys and reduced dirty eggs problems in commercial layers.

• Progut® has reduced wet litter problems and dirty eggs problems caused by E. Coli.

Improve well being of your birds

• Progres® has improved foot pad condition in broilers and turkeys.

Our product applications for piglets are aimed at supporting intestinal health and training immunity for improved performance. Use of Hankkija’s products in sow diets improves sow performance, as well as the performance of their litters.
Improve post-wean performance

• Progut® has improved growth and fcr of weaned piglets.

Reduce diarrhea risks

• Progut® has reduced E. coli shedding and diarrhea in weaned piglets.

• Progres® has reduced the prevalence of post weaning diarrhea in piglets (unpublished data).

Activate immunity

• Progut® has modulated the immunity of piglets helping them to cope better with challenges.

Improve sow and litter performance

• Progres® has improved sow colostrum yield and quality and thus enhanced litter performance.

Young calves, goat kids and lambs undergo challenging growth periods, and supporting their gut health and immunity results in better performance. Progut® and Progres® support the development of a healthy gut and immunity, thus improving the performance of young ruminants.
Reduce diarrhea risk

• Progres® has reduced diarrhea in young ruminants.

• Progut® has reduced diarrhea problems caused by E. coli.

Improve growth/FCR

• Progres® has improved growth and FCR in calves, goat kids and lambs.

Activate immunity

• Progut® has modulated the immunity of calves helping them to cope better with challenges.

Our main product for dairy cows, goats, lambs and beef cattle is Progut® Extra – the unique yeast hydrolysate, which stimulates rumen microbial fermentation leading to improved feed efficiency and milk yield and prepares immune system for different challenges.
Enhance rumen fermentation

Improve feed efficiency and milk yield

Improve daily gain

Ensure immune protection

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