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Export Director

Jyrki Heinimo

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I have been working with Hankkija as Export Director since the beginning of 2020. I am very excited to work with Hankkija’s cutting edge feed innovations, having their roots deep in the Finnish nature. Progres® and Progut® offer the feed industry great and unique opportunities which we are happy to present to our customers.
Antibiotics resistance is a growing concern making headlines on a daily basis. Our contribution in helping to reduce the use of antibiotics is ever more important as the global community is fighting the global pandemic.
My previous experience comes primarily from food industry, where I have been responsible for the cheese business of a major dairy company, and worked as the CEO for a malt based food ingredient manufacturer as well as for a poultry company.

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Research & Development Director

Juhani Vuorenmaa

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After graduation from the University of Helsinki (M.Sci. Agr.), I have had over 30 years unbroken service in the feed division of Hankkija Ltd. (former Suomen Rehu). It has been a pleasure to have various roles within the feed industry including research and development, general management, business development and export management. This has given me a broad range of experience in the business. My special interest is in the new solutions for antibiotic free animal feeding and I have been actively involved in the development of the patented Progut and Progres innovations. Currently, I am leading the research and development of Hankkija’s feeds and feed additives.

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Area Sales Manager

Dr. Eija Valkonen

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I have worked at Hankkija for 10 years: first as the responsible for poultry feed development in domestic feed business, and since 2018 for the export team. Currently my time is shared between the duties of an area sales manager and the tasks of a technical poultry expert. My background is in research, and research is still my passion. I love to study novel things and to get deep understanding of them. Previously I’ve worked as a poultry research scientist at MTT Agrifood Reseach Finland. During those years I did my doctoral studies and the thesis on laying hens. In my current position I’m motivated by the urge to learn new skills, and by being able to utilise my experience in practice, but foremost by being a part of the team pursuing the antibiotic free animal production worldwide with the Finnish feed innovations.

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Area Sales Manager

Jyrki Lehtonen

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I’ve been in this adventure with Hankkija’s innovations from April 2016. Supporting our distributors, developing our approach and, eventually, creating sales are my main tasks as Area Sales Manager.
After finishing agricultural college back in 1987, I’ve only been working in two companies. First 29 years I worked in company Suomen Broiler Oy. I held different positions in the company and gained experience in all aspects of poultry industry.
I enjoy the dynamics in my current position. For loading the batteries, I like to potter about and fix things, do some forestry work and participate in social activities in my home town Nousiainen in southwest Finland.
Area Sales Manager

Dr. Shah Hasan

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I am a feed additives business executive with scientific expertise (PhD) in swine gut health and production. Last seven years, I have been involved with Swine Research Group in the University of Helsinki (UH) and moved to the feed industry in 2018 as an Area Sales Manager. During my academic career, I was fortunate to work with some strategic projects of the Finnish Government to reduce antibiotic use in pig production. My communication skill and personality made it possible to bridge the gap of academic research and commercial application of my research in practical solution development and ultimate success in the sales. I firmly believe in sustainable and responsible utilization of natural resources and creating values by solving some of the biggest challenges facing society.

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Area Sales Manager

Edvard Haimi

I have started my work in Hankkija in 2018. I am responsible for business development in Russia and CIS markets where I have two direct customers and 10 dealers. In my work I am striving to look for new solutions to help our dealers and end-users with help of advanced feed supplements. I have also started Hankkija business in Belarus and looking forward to expand to new countries. I am excited about Hankkija´s innovation potential and R&D solutions. Hankkija is committed to develop animal gut health innovations which benefit our customers and helps to promote antibiotic-free feeding programs.
I have earned MSc in Economics degree with major in International Business and have a long experience of developing sales of branded goods and ingredients in dairy industry.
I speak Russian, Finnish, English and a bit of Spanish. I enjoy cross-country skiing, trekking and traveling with my family.
R&D Manager

Dr. Hannele Kettunen

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The One Health concept and the global battle against antibiotic resistance are key motivators in my work at Hankkija FFI. For more than twenty years, I have been involved in the research and development of innovative feed products which improve the gastrointestinal health and well-being of farm animals.
For my PhD, back in 2001, I studied the physiological effects of dietary betaine in broiler chickens. Since then, my work has covered aspects of intestinal microbiology, physiology and immunology of all farm animal groups. It has been a pleasure to be involved in the R&D of Progut® and Progres® through many years, and the future product portfolio of Hankkija FFI looks also very promising.

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Regulatory Affairs Manager

Rosa Vainio

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I have been a proud member of Hankkija FFI team since summer 2019. The innovative R&D solutions which help to fight antibiotic resistance and simultaneously are improving the well-being of animals are really something I love to work with. My responsibilities include preparation of registration dossiers, creation of product labels according to national/regional regulations, preparing/reviewing Safety Data Sheets and Product Data Specifications as well as maintaining the appropriate filing and storage of regulatory documentation to support our export team.
Prior to starting at Hankkija, I have gained a solid professional experience in Regulatory Affairs (more than 10 years) within the pharmaceutical sector.
Technical Specialist, Ruminants

Anna Lehtinen

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My journey with the cattle feeds of Hankkija Ltd started in December 2019 as I joined our R&D Team in domestic market. In the beginning of 2020 I graduated from the University of Helsinki (M.Sc. Agriculture and forestry) and since autumn 2020 I have been happy to support our inspired Export Team in ruminant related cases as a Technical Specialist. I feel it’s a privilege to work with such unique feed innovations as Progres® and Progut® and to be able to offer novel feeding solutions to our customers all over the world. It’s incredible how we can support the gastrointestinal health and welfare of the high-yielding animals with natural feed additives, I think this is an endless track of learning! In my free time I enjoy the outdoor activities with my pets, friends and family.
Export Marketing Manager

Vadim Chupasov

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I have a rather easy job as the Export Marketing Manager at Hankkija FFI. We have enough solid data on the efficacy of our products and I can see how these products help farmers over the world to achieve their targets. So my task is just to communicate these data out in an easy-to use form. The main challenge is the excess of information.

I love travelling and I really miss the vibe of big agricultural shows.
Export Coordinator

Kirsi Herttua

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My career at Hankkija FFI started in June 2020, when I joined Order and logistics team as Export coordinator. My main task is to take care of daily export functions in operative level together with other team members, but also act as a Team leader in our very skilled O&L team.
Before I joined Hankkija, I have built up over twenty years of work experience in several logistic related positions in forwarding agencies and international export companies. My education consists of degrees in international business and environmental technology, and in addition to logistics industry, I have experience and interest also in recycling solutions. Nature is very important resource to me also personally!
Exports Assistant

Pirjo Miettinen

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I work as Export assistant in Order and logistics team of Hankkija FFI and started my work in the feed division of Hankkija (former Suomen Rehu) already 25 years ago. I am translator by education, but nowadays my main responsibility is to handle deliveries to Russia and Europe. Outside work I enjoy reading, gardening and long walks in the beautiful Finnish nature.
Exports Assistant

Stanislav Stasevich

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As a member of the export team at Hankkija Oy, I and my colleagues arrange transportation of sustainable feed-solutions from Finland to different parts of the world.
With a strong emphasis on customer service, I also ensure that our customers and distributors are happy with our service and their additional requirements are fulfilled.
I enjoy working with people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.
Exports Assistant

Tatiana Konkova

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After graduation from Moscow Veterinary Academy (Faculty of Animal Nutrition), I have joined Hankkija FFI in January 2020 and have been working here as assistant in Export Department. I feel passion about my profession and develop my skills and knowledge in this field on a daily basis. Big part of this knowledge comes from my experienced colleagues and this makes my journey in the company even more exciting. Our common goal is to provide the best solutions for sustainable development of the modern farming and reduce ecological harm for our environment.
Moreover, I enjoy to play active team sports and discover our planet.

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